How to Merge two different Facebook pages together ?

How to merge two different Facebook pages together

How to merge two different Facebook pages together ?Today in this article, we are going to give you information on a very amazing topic. Today we are going to tell you how to merge two different Facebook pages together. If you want to get this amazing information and want to merge your two Facebook pages, then read our article till the last. In this article, you are given complete information related to merging Facebook page.

Until a few years ago, people used Facebook only to connect with their friend family and pass time. But as technology grew, people started using Facebook as their business too. In today’s time, people use Facebook to promote their blog website or a product. Social media marketing and digital marketing are being done a lot using Facebook.

Through Facebook, we get a feature to create a page. If you look at the normal profile of Facebook, there you only get the ability to add 5000 friends. But in Facebook page you can add crores of friends. Perhaps this is the reason why all the website owners or block owners or YouTube channels owners today create their own Facebook page and connect with a large audience. Some people also create Facebook pages to do affiliate marketing.

There are many of us who create two Facebook pages related to our business. But friends, in the beginning when the traffic is low, it is easy to manage two Facebook pages. But when a lot of traffic starts coming to our Facebook page then it is very difficult to manage two Facebook pages. If you are not able to manage two Facebook pages continuously and give them time, then your entire audience goes away from you. The only way to avoid this problem is to merge the two Facebook pages together.

What is Facebook Page Merge ?

Before we tell you how to merge Facebook page? What You Should Know What is Facebook Page Merge? If you do not know about the Facebook page merge, then for your information, let us know that this is a system in which we can join any two different Facebook pages and create a single Facebook page.

Suppose for example if you have two Facebook pages. Both of your Facebook pages receive a lot of like comments. You have about 5000 likes on your first Facebook page and around 10,000 likes on the second Facebook page. Now if you merge your two Facebook pages, then you will have a Facebook page on which you can see 15000 likes.

Not only this, by merging Facebook page, you can transfer the audience of both your different Facebook page to a Facebook page, which makes it very easy to manage your audience.

Required condition for merging Facebook page.

If you are thinking of merging your two different Facebook pages, then before that you should know that we cannot merge any ordinary Facebook page among themselves. There are certain prerequisites for merging Facebook page that you need to know about.

You have to have a page admin in both the two different Facebook pages that you are going to merge with each other. You cannot merge pages if you are not a page administrator.

Before merging Facebook page, make sure that both your Facebook page’s profile should have more than 50% similar information.

If you want to merge Facebook page then for that the name of both Facebook page should be one. If both Facebook page names are different then the pages will not be merged.

How to merge Facebook page ?

If you want to merge your two Facebook pages then read the tips given below carefully. By following the easy tips mentioned below, you can merge two different Facebook pages.

First of all, you have to open Google Chrome browser on your phone. In Google Chrome browser you have to write Facebook merge fan page and click on search button.

Now you will see a lot of website links on your mobile screen. Here first you have to click on the website link. It is the official website for merging Facebook.

Now you will be interchanged in the official website of Facebook Fan Page Merge. On the screen, you will see the option to log in. Here you have to enter your Facebook ID password and login.

Now a completely new interface will open in front of you. You will see two different boxes on the screen. In the first box, you have to enter the URL of your first Facebook page and in the second box you have to enter the URL of your second Facebook page.

Now you have to read some terms and conditions. After reading the term and condition carefully, click on the Agri button given below.

Now you have to click on Start button. Your Facebook page will be merged as soon as you click on the start button. In a few minutes, your two Facebook pages will merge together.

After the Facebook page is merged, you will have to do some editing in it. You can add a new cover photo of yourself. If you want to add any new information to the profile, then you can add it.

If the Facebook page shows an error while you are merging, then it means that you have different information on your two Facebook pages, which is why you cannot merge Facebook.

The conclusion

In this way, you can merge the Facebook page by following the easy steps mentioned above. Today in this article we told you how to merge two different Facebook pages? If you like this information, share it with your friends. Thank you very much for reading the article till the last.