What Is Google Sitelinks ? How To Remove Extra Sitelinks From Google?

What Is Google Sitelinks

What Is Google Sitelinks ? How To Remove Extra Sitelinks From Google? – If you are a blogger then you must have heard about Google Sitelinks. Like if you have been searching a big site, then you must have seen that some links are created below it, these are the most popular links on their site. Due to this, traffic on the website also increases, but it also has a disadvantage. Sometimes you want to hide a Sitelink and don’t want it to appear at the top of the search engine. In this case, you can also remove Extra Sitelinks. In this article, we will tell you What Is Google Sitelinks And How To Remove Extra Sitelinks From Google? What is CueLinks ?

What Is Google Sitelinks ?

All bloggers try to rank their blog in Google search engine, because Google search engine is the most popular search engine in the world. Google is also engaged in efforts to make its search engine even better, which is why it keeps bringing many different features to the popular website. One of these facilities is also of Sitelinks.

Actually, Google Sitelinks appear below a blog or website. If your blog is not very popular then these sitelinks are not created below it. However Google Sitelinks has many advantages as well. If popular sitelinks will appear under your blog, then the visitor will click on it and visit your website. This will get you more traffic. If Sitelinks start appearing below your website, then you understand that Google is giving priority to your website.

Many times we think that some of the Sitelinks under the name of our website are not visible to the link visitors, then Google has also resolved it. You can easily remove these Extra Sitelinks from Google. So now we are going to show you the way.

How To Remove Extra Sitelinks From Google ?

Remove Extra Sitelinks from Google is an extremely easy process. You can easily remove Extra Sitelinks by going to Google Search Console. Now we are going to tell you about step by step method:

  • First of all, visit the website of Google Search Console.
  • After that, login through the Gmail ID from which your website is connected to it.
  • After this, you will see a lot of options in the Slidebar menu, from which click on Search Appearance.
  • Here you will see the option of Sitelinks, click on it.
  • Now you will see a box, paste the same link in that box, which you want to remove from Google.
  • After doing this, click on the Demote button. A few hours later, she will be removed from Google’s Extra Sitelink.

As you all will be aware that Google’s service is very fast and it works even faster for the best websites in the world, so that their experience is not spoiled. As soon as you complete the process mentioned above, Google removes those Extra Sitelinks shortly after.


Even today many people do not know about Google Sitelinks. Although there are many people who have information about Google Sitelinks, but they want to remove the Extra Sitelinks or Unwanted Links that appear on Google Search Engine, but they are not able to get the information anywhere. That’s why in this article we asked you What Is Google Sitelinks? How To Remove Extra Sitelinks From Google? Hope you have liked this article and you have also got information about your work.